What is Women’s Campaign School?

Women’s Municipal Campaign School is a volunteer-led committee that aims to teach women and those from diverse backgrounds how to run for office in the region. 2022 is an election year and our goal is to get more women involved. Our goal in 2018 was to see 50% more women on Municipal Councils and School Boards and we’re thrilled to have hit 48%. Let’s strive to make 2022 the year we attain over 50%.

Why We Run

In Canada, women comprise 50% of the population yet there’s still a significant gender gap in the political system. In order to bridge this gap we need different leaders stepping into these elected leadership roles. The Municipal Campaign School is here to help equip women and members of underrepresented communities with the tools and resources needed to run for politics.

We made great strides in our last election but 2022 is the year for change and we want you to be a part of that!

Meet Our Members

Get ready to run! Here’s the incredible team of women that will ensure your success:

  • Melissa Durrell
  • Karen Coviello
  • Elizabeth Clarke
  • Carly Greco
  • Colleen James
  • Donna Reid
  • Bardish Chagger