This Election, it Will Be 50% Women Elected Across the Region!

The Nominations are In and Lots of Women are Running!

Many women are running this election. We can do it! We can hit 50%. The Record says we are inching to equality. It is time for us to leap! Of the 50 women running, 33 attended the campaign school!

We have already reached 50% in Wilmot Township. There has not been a woman councillor in the county since 1973.  Now Cheryl Gordijk has been acclaimed in Ward 2 and Ward 1 has Angie Hallman and Rose Mailloux running.

If you are running and couldn’t attend the school here are some Powerpoints from the Campaign School. (If your machine is like mine, it may download the Powerpoint to your computer for you to open instead of opening it online. Check the bottom or top of your screen) On some computers, the links don’t have a line under them but they all work when you click on them.

Campaigning 101

Campaign School – MONEY 1

Kris Fletcher, Regional Clerk.

The Municipal Act rules for Running


The Goal: 50% of Waterloo Region Municipal Councils and School Boards will be women

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